iCITA Vendor : : Cloudhive


A unique Australian cloud solution, Cloudhive is the premier cloud unifying technology for small and midsize business.

Cloudhive provides integrated web-based access to all applications, data, email, file sharing and collaborative tools, simply in one place. Cloudhive enables you to work seamlessly and easily with Windows based applications as well as with web-based and SaaS apps.

Cloudhive is fully customisable to your organisations requirements and the best thing is, once you are using a single part of the service, additional components can be switched on whenever you require.

As an organisation, Cloudhive gives you the ability to use specific components within the Cloudhive suite to meet your immediate needs, without paying for what you don’t require. For example, you may require a hosted Exchange mail solution to complement your existing on-premise computing environment. Cloudhive can deliver you this single piece for quick results and cost benefits.

Single login, Endless Potential!

Cloudhive delivers what IT has always needed – a way to increase capacity or add capability on without investing in new IT infrastructure, expensive training, or additional software licenses.

Cloudhive offers iCITA members a cost-effective subscription-based service that has the ability to rapidly extend your IT capabilities.

Hosted Desktops

Delivered through any modern device with a web browser

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Hosted Exchange

Gmail, Office 365 – The choice is yours

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Hosted Applications

Host custom windows based apps and deliver to via Webtops

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Cloudhive ensures your organisation runs more effectively and efficiently:

  • Increased Security – Have an increased security process when logging on. Cloudhive provides additional network access security so users feel more protected with passwords up to 40 characters.
  • Increased Authentication – Have increased authentication that is a 2-factor process similar to what is used in the banking industry. This adds a valuable layer of login security for networks.
  • Increased Performance – Have increased performance, you simply rent the computing power that your organisation is in need of, that gives you the control you desire while lowering your capital expenditure.
  • Increased Agility and Scalability – Have increased agility and scalability as IT solutions are delivered quickly to new employees, remote offices and current staff members.
  • Cost-effective Subscription – Have a large cost-effective subscription-based service that houses all your data inside a secure cloud while preserving and lowering operating costs. This eliminates the need to forecast and invest capital in the growing needs of the organisation.
  • Flexibility and Integration – Have flexibility and integration as your applications are continually run on the latest hardware and software platforms available, which allow you to rapidly extend your IT capabilities.
  • Improved Internal Communication – Have improved internal communication with the online department or individual communication gadget. With announcements that are seen as soon as they are posted, as well as staffing schedules, important dates, HR policies, notifications and birthday wishes.
  • Pause Work Ability – Have pause work ability, this enables you to keep your Webtop as is when leaving work, and there is no need to close applications and documents. When you log back in the Webtop will be exactly as you left it.
  • Access on any Device – Access on any device; because Cloudhive works with modern web browsers you can work from almost any device connected to the internet, smartphones and notebooks.