Support Services

Just like you support your customers, we support you.


At iCITA we know that it is not enough to provide you with a simple catalogue of products. Our aim is to provide you with a go-to-market strategy.

As such, all members can expect a range of value added services as part-and-parcel of your membership with us. These services, such as Quoting and Solution Design, exist to ensure that you are not just buying a product, but a proven solution or service that is ratified to meet you and your customers needs.

Quoting Support

iCITA has on offer an extremely wide range of hardware and service based products for you to take advantage of. We don’t expect our members to expend all their time and energy trying to navigate those waters alone. Our sales and pre-sales team are ready to talk to you and discuss, before delivering you a personalised quotation exactly to your need.

Solution Design and Pre-sales Support

One of our major goals at iCITA is to enable our members to confidently and successfully win business, and to always be pushing their abilities in the market to promote their growth. To ensure that you never have to back away from a complex deal, our solution design team is ready to help you design a response from the ground up. Use our experience to help you win every time – we can even have an architect help you pitch to the client.

Collateral Support

iCITA’s team has seen many a product come and go. We use our experience to help build marketing collateral and tools that will help you design your own go-to-market and pitch. And if you need help giving it all a polish, we can facilitate a graphic designer to work with you too.

Case Studies and ROI Support

iCITA can help you get access to relevant case studies and best practices, as well as valuable sales tools like Return on Investment calculator, from our many Vendor partners. We’ve got all the ammunition you need to take on every sale.o.

Sales Templates

We know that some solutions can be pretty complex to present – so we’re going to help you with that too. We can assist with Vendor or Solution specific pricing templates and build documents to help you pitch and sell that next deal.

Peer Support Forums

Our member forums are a great way for you to interact with our other members – there is always room in the market for cooperative sales, and we can help you find opportunities to work together and share advice.

Product Support

For many of our Vendor partners, we facilitate localised support teams and processes, so you know you can talk to someone who understands your products and services, whenever you need it. If we don’t know the answer (which is rare!), we know where to find it.