iCITA Vendor : : Tech2Tech


iCITA Members have access to Tech2Tech Premium Support. Tech2Tech is a specialised, customer built support solution in partnership with OmniDesk, specifically designed to support Huawei hardware and products.

This enables you to instantly diversify your portfolio, ensuring you can confidently deliver Huawei solutions to your customers.

As both a Distributor and Certified Service Partner of Huawei, iCITA specialises in partnering with you for solution design and development to ensure you have the best possible package for your customers. We also know that as you take advantage of Huawei’s industry-leading range of products, you might need an extra helping hand to support them.

Tech2Tech Premium Support gives you a custom service offering to complement your own, with OmniDesk’s own Huawei-certified NOC team filling in the gaps you need to go to market immediately and with the confidence of success.