Why Membership?

An iCITA Membership can escalate the value of your business to your clients


As a one-stop resource for its members, iCITA ensures only quality selected products and services are made available.

It also ensures they can be quickly implemented and adapted, with ongoing support and technical backup. Members have access to better buying power, central billing, flexible commercial payment terms, and technical and sales support.

Members benefit with:

  • Increased product portfolios – access to exclusive quality products and services
  • Online store – view and order required products and services
  • Consulting support – private clouds, service desk, hybrid solutions and disaster recovery solutions
  • Resource Library – contract templates, sales brochures, reference architecture
  • Network Life Cycle documentation – store all details about end user networks and update changes as required
  • Certification – programs that promote and reward members for providing solutions and investing in training
  • Training and Testing – partnerships with premier training organisations
  • Access to all benefits through one portal
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