Total Cloud Solutions

Cloud… done your way!


The ability to offer cloud solutions to clients is one of the fastest growing elements of the IT service industry today.

However, the complexity, cost and time to develop your own in house implementation of a cloud product can vary greatly.

Advantages of being an iCITA Member

If you are a member of iCITA we offer you a range of wholesale products to help you meet this need in a cost effective way, with the fastest possible go-to-market ability.

We also understand that not all clients have the same requirements surrounding a potential cloud implementation. iCITA can offer a full range of cloud-enabling services and solutions to ensure that we can assist your cloud strategy regardless of your platform requirements.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Through our premier datacentre partners, iCITA can offer extensive IaaS hardware and software to provide a strong, reliable base. From this base you have full control to build and implement your favoured platform for delivering a market-ready cloud solution.

Our Solutions Architects can work with you to ensure you receive the right hardware and resources to meet your needs, and deliver to you any combination of hardware and datacentre services up to a fully implemented solution.

The best part is iCITA’s engineers and architects are experienced in designing, building and delivering a wide range of cloud platforms, from Software as a Service hosting platforms, all the way to Citrix and VMWare application and desktop delivery suites. This ensures that not only do we understand the infrastructure you need, but we can provide consultancy and assistance in building your platform.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

For those who are looking for the fastest go-to-market and minimum difficulty in moving their business into a cloud-capable one, iCITA can help you implement a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) product that significantly reduces the time and skill investment required for you and your team to deliver to your clients. These platforms, fully implemented with training by iCITA staff and partners, abstract the complex infrastructure and provide you a portal for creating, supporting and administrating your cloud platform.

iCITA’s wholesale infrastructure service, ranging from co-located hardware all the way to a total, market-ready cloud product, offers one of the most comprehensive cloud delivery options available.

If you have a gap in your ability to deliver a cloud solution to your clients – an iCITA membership will ensure a solution.