Storage as a Service

On-demand Storage Solutions

iCITA understands that your storage requirements can be unique and complex and your storage requirements may scale up and down rapidly.

Vendor Alliance partner, Hypernode’s On-demand Storage solutions helps you pick and choose storage types and sizes to best your needs today, while being easily scalable in the future.

Hypernode On-Demand Storage can be combined with any of their infrastructure solutions, from virtual and dedicated servers, or to your own co-located hardware.


Create your own virtual SAN:

  • Customise your own storage requirements without the expense of owning a SAN
  • Choose RAID and disk type (SATA, SAS, SSD) to suit your budget and performance needs
  • Mix and match levels of performance and protection to create Hypernode’s unique On-Site SAN Replication (OSSR)

SAN storage

Hypernode’s SAN Storage provides the ideal storage for the vast majority of production workload virtual servers and databases and is delivered from a multi-vendor, enterprise grade array of SAN Hardware.

Priced to suit YOUR needs

Hypernode’s SAN storage products are available to iCITA members per block, per month, meaning you only pay for the storage you need, and are free to upgrade anytime.


Archive and Backup Storage

Rather than paying for the peak performance and connectivity of production SANs just for storing data, iCITA members have access to Archive Storage as a more cost-effective alternative.

The Archive SAN’s are built on highly redundant drive chassis and RAID, with multi-path quad-bonded GbE connectivity to each node, ensuring plenty of backup and archive throughput is always available.


On-Demand SSD Storage

Hypernode’s SSD Storage provides the absolute platinum-standard of lightning fast storage to support high IOPS, high-throughout workloads. If you require highly responsive, low latency storage to support databases, transactional applications or similar, On-Demand SSD will meet your needs.

Best of all, you can combine SSD with Hypernode’s SAN or Archive storage to ensure you are only paying for the storage levels and amounts you require.

Priced to suit need – scalable month to month

SSD Storage is priced up per block and per month, just like our regular storage products. This keeps it as cost effective and flexible as possible for iCITA members.