Dedicated Servers


Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)

iCITA members have access to VDS built on the rock solid Hypernode Enterprise Infrastructure platform optimised for high performance and maximum availability.

Our partner, Hypernode has a range of virtual server products that are built on the same first-class infrastructure as their dedicated hardware platforms. The virtual servers are available in a variety of configurations

The Hypernode VDS is a scalable dedicated server solution with dedicated resources and a dedicated OS. This ensures your system will perform and scale much better than most virtual private servers (VPS).

All virtual servers are backed by flexible SAN Storage products, so you can match the best storage types to your servers as required.

Backed by iCITA service level guarantees and flexible agreements, you get the best of both worlds.

Dedicated Servers

Choose from a range of Dedicated Hardware based servers with full bare metal admin access for completely isolated and uncontended resources.

Hypernode provides a range of cost-effective dedicated hardware options for iCITA members that require bare-metal installation of their platform, or would like to operate their own hypervisors without any contention of resources.

Dedicated hardware options cam be configured in a variety of specifications, up to 16+ Cores and over half a Terabyte of RAM per host.

You’ll have access right down to the Integrated Lights Out management of your blades and with the capability to integrate with Hypernode’s full range of storage and networking products, as well as any co-located or hybrid infrastructure.

  • Full admin access without the headaches of repairing or upgrading hardware.
  • Single Processor or Multi-Core Servers.
  • High Density Blade Servers.
  • SAN Storage with choice of RAID and Performance Levels.
  • Hardware Firewalls.
  • Fully managed networking.

All our servers, virtual or otherwise, are backed by iCITA’s service level guarantees and flexible agreements.

Priced to suit need – scalable month to month

One of the biggest advantages for iCITA members is the ability to scale in or out additional hardware on a month to month basis. Dedicated hardware can be a highly cost effective option where you require non-contended, bare metal hardware for your needs if you aren’t locked down to a fixed cost.

Dedicated hardware can be provisioned on a rapid basis to ensure you can get access to your infrastructure much faster than if you were to procure new systems.