Education Services

Get trained, get certified – be an expert just like us!


Many of our Vendor Alliance partners offer a range of technical and sales related training courses, certification tracks and more.

iCITA works with these vendors to ensure we are able to offer you the right training for your business.

Product Training

iCITA works closely with our Vendors, and respective training partners, so that we can provide you quality training options. Offered across technical, sales and pre-sales disciplines, we’ll help you timetable your options and get the right training to ensure you are ready for all those challenges in the market.

Vendor Certification

iCITA can help with with all your certification programs and requirements, both as a company, and as individual staff. iCITA works with our vendors to offer discounted or free certification options wherever possible, so that we can help your drive your team to be the best that they can – with the paperwork to prove it!