Financial Services

Payment options of all kinds


iCITA works with its Vendor partners to offer you extensive, customisable options for structuring payment and financial tools that best suit your business, and your customer needs.


iCITA offers various kinds of Hardware-as-a-service options to ensure you can scale up and down infrastructure as your business needs change. In addition, we work with our Vendors and Members to structure unique payment terms such as Pay-as-you-Grow Storage offerings, removing the traditional restrictions of leasing and allowing scale down as well as up.


If a leasing agreement best suits your needs, or your customer requirements, then our team can work with our leasing and brokerage partners to structure a market competitive lease agreement for you.

Payment Processing

iCITA offers, in partnership with Paygroup Australia, payment processing options to help take away some of the headache of your day to day business. iCITA can help arrange managed direct debits for services on your behalf. o.

Credit Support

iCITA will work closely with you to establish the most flexible trading credit possible for your business. We know that your financial needs and requirements can be a rapidly changing thing, so our finance team will be happy to discuss your credit requirements and find a way forward. After all, we want you to win that deal!